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Sep 13


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There are several types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) in The Last of the Mohicans? Please elaborate on one type of conflict you viewed in the movie and the significance of the conflict.

Aug 25


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How did neutral families, like the  Martin Family in “The Patriot”, get pulled into the war? Please respond to initial post and two others.


Aug 23

Before we begin watching the Patriot on Thursday, it would be best to gain some different perspective and understanding of how and why Hollywood makes (or tries to make) historical movies. Please respond to the initial post and then to two others by Thursday.

1. Hollywood has a long history of bringing American wars to the
big screen. Whydo you think the drama of war make such popular topics for films? What are some examples?

2. Most films and novels about historical events use “poetic
license”. What is poetic license? Should it be allowed in popular culture depictions of historical events?

3. History vs. Hollywood: The Patriot explores the facts behind
the American Revolution through the lens of a feature film. Do you think feature films are a valid way to learn about history? Discuss.

4. History vs. Hollywood: The Patriot explains
that the lead character of The Patriot is a composite of different people. What is a composite? Why did the producers choose to model their leading character after more than one person?

5. Discuss the problems with the film’s portrayal of the lives of
African Americans during the Revolutionary era.